Zanzibar is so peaceful and tranquil

As African tourist destinations go Zanzibar is a relatively new addition to the scene. When it comes to accommodation options at Zanzibar there are plenty of excellent facilities available. Lodges and hotels in the country offer excellent service and can cater to groups of tourists, families, and individual travellers. For whatever reason you have come to Zanzibar you will be able to find something to suit your needs.

The Hadimadu of the majority ethnic group in the country than the rather less populations of Christians as well as Hindus. This mix of cultures means that there is a wonderful mixed ethnicity to the land which compliments the country very well. Throughout the year there are several festivals and cultural events which can be very enjoyable for the visitor to see.

If you’re travelling to Zanzibar it is a good idea to decide on a tourism firm that is well trusted and has a good knowledge of the country and what it can offer you. If you are just coming to the country for a couple of weeks of holiday then it is a good idea to hire a guide. This will allow you to see the most of what the country has to offer in a limited time. If you are coming for a longer stay then this becomes unnecessary as you will be able to explore the country at your own pace and enjoy its rich history and cultural heritage.

The coastal shores are one of the top destinations in Zanzibar and are noted for their beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. Many people arriving to Zanzibar by boat and they will experience the abundant marine life before anything else. Seeing these crystal clear waters will remind you of what peaceful and tranquil place Zanzibar is and how rich it is in wildlife and other forms of nature.

One of the most notable natural features of the island of the forest reserves were wildlife thrives on the level of biodiversity is very high. There are unique African trees in these forests that stretch high above the other plants and this is one of the few places in the world where you will be able to see them.

A spice tour is something that shouldn’t be missed for any visitor and visiting some of the spice plantations is an experience you won’t forget. You will see how spices are made into beauty products as well as medicines and of course for use in food. Zanzibar is a wonderful destination for any tourist and its unique culture and nature make this a place with something for everyone.