Would you be up to a Heineken Drop challenge?

If you have ever watched an adventure show or film, fictional or not, chances are that you would be yelling at the screen telling them they are all idiots and how you would do everything differently. The fact is that nobody knows how they are going to deal with situation until they are actually in it, and this is the premise behind the Heineken Dropped campaign.

They have taken a selection of men, removed them from their ordinary lives and dropped them into unusual situations in some quite extraordinary places. The only thing they have in common is that they have absolutely no idea of what is ahead of them, or how they will deal with what is thrown at them. It gives both us and them an insight into their true characters, and compulsive viewing it certainly is.

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One of the most entertaining of the series of videos available for viewing on the Heineken YouTube channel is the two parter Poland. The star of this instalment is one Mr Clint Jacobs, an amiable South African who is kidnapped by clowns, driven blindfolded to a plane, taken thousands of feet in the air, then strapped to one of the clowns before leaping from the plane. The thrill and exhilaration of his first sky dive is palpable, and it takes a while for his adrenalin levels to return to normal once he lands goodness knows where.

This remote countryside turns out to be rural Poland, and his task is then revealed. If you have not viewed the second part, or either part, we are not going to spoil it for you, suffice to say that if you love watching real people in real situations dealing with hurdles and challenges they have never tackled before then you should be viewing these. Are legends born or made? You decide.