World’s Best Airports to be stranded in revealed

lowcostholidays reveal the absolute luxurious airports that you would be better off stranded in than any others.
As a traveller, or holidaymaker, you’ve likely endured a flight delay at some point in your life; more than once if you’re considerably unfortunate/lucky enough to travel often.
Few enjoy being stranded in an airport, particularly when returning home after a well-deserved break abroad. Minutes tick away at half the speed as you frantically try to find something to help pass the time.
Sound familiar? Well, you best hope the next time you’re stuck in an international departure lounge it’s within one of the world’s most entertaining airports. You might end up wanting to stay!
Dubai International
Set to become the world’s largest airport by 2015 and estimated to handle over 70 million passengers by the end of this year, this huge airport has a selection of lounges available to fliers looking to treat themselves.
Lounges vary from business focused, complete with high speed internet and sleeping room, to the quiet lounges, offering reclining chairs to help you catch 40 winks before your flight. The nine VIP Al Majlis lounges also come equipped with plasma screens and a selection of snacks to tuck into.
If you’re more budget conscious, each of the three terminals have plenty of duty free shops, restaurants and cafés to explore; a great way to end your holiday to Dubai.
Singapore Changi Airport
Consistently recommended as one of the world’s most exciting airports, Changi’s entertainment options vary from sightseeing tours to a movie theatre.
Waiting at least five hours for a connecting flight? Then you can register for a free, two-hour guided bus tour of the city. If you’re fortunate enough to have a shorter wait time, the Changi Aviation Gallery provides fascinating insights into Singapore’s aviation history. Alternatively, the entertainment deck offers a fantastic distraction from flight delays, with an Xbox Kinect room, MTV booth, movie theatre and various games consoles on offer.
The airport’s Social Tree is definitely worth hunting for too. This nine metre tall interactive entity is surrounded by eight touch screen photo booths, allowing travellers to upload pictures onto the animated ‘treetop,’ made up of 64 giant, high definition screens. Photos can be retrieved later on a return trip, allowing visitors to become an important part of the airport’s history.
Other leisure activities include a nature trail, spa facilities and swimming pool.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Shopaholics won’t have a problem finding things to do in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. With plenty of shops, selling anything from duty free food and beverages to clothes, gadgets and gifts, you’ll have to ensure you save some euros after your Amsterdam city break.
Alternatively, you could spend some of your remaining cash in the Holland Casino or, if you’re after rest and relaxation, the airport boasts two spas, as well as massage chairs and an airport library.
If you’re craving culture, the mini-Rijksmuseum offers plenty to admire (or purchase) to kill time before or between your flights.
You’re not likely to go hungry either, with the airport serving up a vast selection of dishes, from breakfasts or baguettes, to seafood or sushi; there’s even a chocolate café to purchase authentic Dutch treats.
San Francisco International Airport
Priding itself on taking extra efforts to ensure the airport experience is as enjoyable as possible, San Francisco’s airport is far from the worst to be stranded in.
A trip to the Yoga Room is essential for steadying your heartbeat after a recently announced flight delay. If you’re travelling with children, the Aviation Museum and Library or AirTrain, which offers great views of the airfield, will keep the family amused.
For something entirely different, last year the airport launched its ‘Wag Brigade’ program, whereby trained dogs walk the terminals wearing ‘Pet Me!’ badges to encourage weary travellers to crack a smile and pat a pooch to relieve stress. Unless you’re allergic, of course…
So, potentially being stranded isn’t so bad after all. Although, a good book and updated playlist is always recommended for when you’re stuck in a far from activity-filled airport.
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