Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen

Copenhagen can be found amongst the islands of Zealand and Amager. As Denmark’s capital city, it holds a population of about two million. Referred to as a densely populated city of numerous districts, Copenhagen earns a unique image from other cities with its water, multiple recreational areas, and bicycle paths. Three immaculate sandy beaches that embellish for nearly eight kilometres encompass this marvellous city.

In the centre of these three beaches rests a synthetic island measuring two kilometres. Copenhagen’s beaches have achieved international acknowledgement for its incredible blueprint which includes a combination of Harbour Baths that run beyond the coast of the town. A summer vacation to Copenhagen could be wonderful for you and those closest.

Some points of interest include historical structures, ultra-modern attractions, and old Danish homes. Copenhagen is also infamous for its beer which is produced and manufactured by the Carlsberg Breweries. On its cobblestone streets, there you can find many different ways for entertainment and there are a numerous amount of interests. Copenhagen brings to its town many new attractions every year, sure to keep you coming back for more.

If interested in the history of Copenhagen, travellers suggest visiting museums and shops, or the Tivoli Gardens which include entertainment complexes and theme parks which have been known to bring in close to three million visitors a year. In the Langelinie Harbour, there is Copenhagen’s favourite point of interest, The Little Mermaid statue.

If deeper information and history is what you seek, Copenhagen suggests visiting their Prince’s Palace’s National Museum. With so much information you can find in this city, one day will not cut it. Copenhagen is at least a week long visit to bring it’s true meaning and uniqueness of its history.