Winter breaks in Sofia

The City of Sofia in Bulgaria, which is bound by rambling lands, is a known place for winter skiing and hiking activities. However, aside from that, the place also takes pride on having historic places that fill visitors with so much delight.

Mount Vitosha

Visitors can have a day climb in this mountain where they can experience numerous types of hiking tracks. It is best to go here with a map because some of the trails are not properly marked so sometimes you’ll need to look eagerly to the trees just to see the tiny steel arrows that will guide you. Despite the difficulty of some of the tracks, the climb will be worth it because of the stunning view that is waiting for you.

Alexander Nevski Church

This church, which is built to be a memorial to the 200,000 soldiers of Russia, is considered as the most notable attraction in Sofia. The place was built in the early part of the 20th century, and was constructed with the influence of Byzantine style. This cathedral has 45 meters-high gold dome, 12 bells, arches, and a pool of Europe’s religious images.

Boyana Church

This 900-year-old church can be found at the foot of Mount Vitosha, and it has the National Museum, which gives emphasis on the region’s culture, art, and history. Inside it are artworks and murals that were painted 300 years prior to Leonardo Da Vinci’s birth, which are some of the major reasons why visitors go to the Boyana Church.

Hotel and Restaurant

As for the accommodation, city got the Hotel Les Fleurs, which is also surrounded by tourist attractions like the Archaelogical Museum, Church of St. George, National Palace of Culture, and Ivan Vazov National Theatre and Russian Church. For a classic double room, the charge will be around £85, and with that price you will be assured of quality service.

Meanwhile for the food, it is advisable to visit Lebed, one of the most appreciated restaurants in Bulgaria. It has a very romantic ambiance, Asian-themed decorations, sumptuous food, and is only 15 minutes away from the metropolis.