Where to watch the Northern Lights

It is said that photos simply do not do the aurora borealis justice, for them to really be appreciated you have to see them in person. There are many places in the world that they can be seen and the best location to view the lights is hotly debated. There are elements outside the viewers control such as the weather that also affect the quality of the Northern Lights that you will see. This article will look at some of the best locations to see this natural phenomena.

Iceland is a popular choice and visitors will want to stay in Reykjavik although you won’t actually want to view the lights from the city as the street lighting obscures the view. If you leave the city and its light pollution you will be able to get spectacular views.

The city has plenty of tour operators who will be able to take you to some of the best locations and offer expertise on the lights. Iceland is one of the best places for viewing the formation of the lights and if it is a clear night you will see them almost constantly. The good thing about seeing the lights here is that you are close to a city with plenty of accommodation options and other attractions.

For a Northern Lights holiday, Norway can be a great location. Tromso is an Arctic town, located right up in the north of the country. Unlike in Iceland the Lights are not visible whenever there is a clear sky. You will be able to view the Lights every other day and they will be visible from six in the evening to one in the morning. Tromso is so far north, about 300km into the Arctic circle, that most of the month it will spend in darkness.

What is particularly good about Norway as a destination is the festival that celebrates the Northern Lights as well as the years first dawn. There is a good variety of international music being played at these festivals and there is a powerful party atmosphere around the whole town. Even if you are not one for the party scene, Tromso should definitely be on your list of potential destinations.

All the way across the world in Canada you will also be able to arrange a holiday to see the Lights. Lake Superior is located in Ontario and if you take a short journey away from the lake you will find an amazing display of the Lights. Where ever you choose to stay in this region you will be able to find a tour operator who will organise a trip to see the Northern Lights. These will be taken on the back of a snowmobile which can be an exhilarating, if cold, experience. Do not make the journey alone if you do not have experience with a snowmobile.