Where to go for a holiday to Spain

A holiday to Spain top the shortlist for manyBritons who are looking at potential holiday break locations.  It ticks a lot of boxes,  given the fact that Spain is close enough for a short or long trip and provides plenty of unique opportunities and locations that make it exciting every visit. There are many different regions and exiting cities in Spain, it is possible to plan a unique Spain holiday every year and still not cover and see all that the exotic country has to offer.

Topping the list of top Spanish tourist spots is Tenerife located in the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.  As the largest of the seven islands and near Morocco, you can see the Mount Teide volcano, enjoy the warm temperate average of 20C year round, and of course the exciting wildlife and beach activities that coincide with the location.  As a perk, there are plenty of scuba diving, sun tanning, and shopping activities scattered around the edges of Tenerife as well as plenty of nightlife in the main towns.

Those who are planning a Spain holiday with nightlife and barhopping in mind may want to visit the Marjoca (also referred to as Mallorca) island.  Here the beaches and azure coastline offer scenic views and a nightlife that can best be described as vibrant and fresh.  As the largest island in Spain it should come as no surprise that there is always a party just a few steps away on the island, while there are also still some quiet more reserved areas for those who are searching for some romance.

Ibiza is another top location for a Spain holiday that consists of clubbing and sightseeing as the small island in the Mediterranean Sea is the largest nightclub hotspots in the world.  Every year top DJs arrive in Ibiza to cater to the hundreds of parties that happen throughout the season.  Known for its relaxed and chilled out atmosphere as well as its white sandy beaches and bars, Ibiza offers the true resort life that many resort locations can only attempt to reproduce.

On the other hand, those who want a more family orientated trip can look into other Spain holidays to locations such as Gran Canaria where the volcanic island offers plenty of nature experiences and lots of resorts that are friendly towards children.  Here you will find a variety of activities and game arenas as well as the white sandy beaches that most people expect to find when planning a Spain holiday.

A few more great family locations in Spain for those who are planning a holiday break include Bendirom, Costa del Sol, and Lanzarote.  Each of these resort locations offers both nightlife and family activities so that the two lifestyles can co-exist peacefully alongside each other.  This allows adults to have some fun on holiday without sacrificing the needs of their children who will find more than enough to keep them occupied.