‘Where Are You’ App Helps To Make UK Travel Safe, Secure and Easy

Travel is an exciting thing, but there’s nothing to dampen the thrill of a new destination than getting totally and utterly lost. Luckily, a brand new app for Android and iPhone launching in the UK is helping people to make sense of their surroundings and locate other people via the incredibly simple medium of text message. Where Are You is a totally free app which uses SMS data to track down contacts – so whether you’ve lost your travel buddy in a new city or you’re tracking down a campsite that your friends have already found, meeting up with your loved ones is easier than ever!

The app perfectly lends itself to a multitude of getaways and trips. Whether you’re attempting to find the location of a friends’ wedding or you’re searching for a remote pub where your pals have decided to gather, Where Are You allows users to easily locate a contact without everyone needing to co-ordinate with the same apps or downloads. Those sending the SMS data don’t need to have access to the Where Are You app in order to pass on their location – a great feature in a world where we all have different phone models and download options.

Christoph Burgdorfer , Managing Partner of coANDco , the team behind Where Are You says, “There are many location apps on the market nowadays, but they almost always require some form of compatibility between devices. Where Are You is completely different because it leverages SMS data to track a location – perfect when heading off on UK staycations or exploring remote parts of the country with friends!”

The app is the perfect travel companion for those who like to head off on solo explorations, but worry about finding themselves lost. There’s a real element of convenience about being able to track the location of friends so easily, but it also has an important safety element. When travelling in far-flung cities or foreign destinations, it can be easy to become separated from friends or travel groups – Where Are You allows users to easily locate their pals without the need for long phone-calls, all that’s needed is a quick text and the click of a link in order to access accurate data for a friend’s current location.

The makers of the app have also ensured that privacy and security is taken very seriously, and at the top of the agenda. The app requires no user registration, which means no advertisements or email captures, and all information taken is totally anonymous. The location data that is sent is only momentary and therefore impossible to track continuously – which does plenty to bolster the safety and security credentials of this unique and innovative app.

To find out more about the app, or to download today, visit the website: http://www.whereareyou-app.com/