Water sports in Corfu

The island of Corfu, second-largest in the Ionian chain, was once a haven for European elite, though it is now one of the leading vacation destinations in the Mediterranean. If you’re like most, Corfu holidays are made especially attractive by the beaches and emphasis on water sports. When you visit Corfu, it is a good idea to plan accommodations around your favourite water sports and skill level.

Generally speaking, the west coast of the island will provide the best conditions for getting out on the water. The prevailing winds carry most inclement weather to the eastern end of Corfu first. The time of day can be an important factor as well, depending on whether your water sports of choice depend on gentle or high winds. These, and other, factors can be used to plan the best vacation to Corfu for your needs.
Water skiing on Corfu
The island is a great place for beginning skiers. Though government restrictions prevent the placement of jump ramps and slaloms, there are several ski schools that specialize in novice teaching and equipment rental. The many bays and coves of the island make it perfect for learners. Advanced skiers may prefer evening jaunts, as the winds and waves pick up a bit after noon.
Sailing and Parasailing Opportunities on Corfu
The variety of natural harbours on Corfu make for attractive and calm sailing opportunities. Those looking for more excitement may choose the eastern end of the island or head for an open beach. Avlaki beach is a favorite for sailing of all types, with the calmness of a bay and less traffic than more populated areas. Smaller boats are available for rent, and larger craft can be chartered through local marinas.
Snorkelling and Diving Off Corfu
Calm and clear water is not only a safety concern for underwater activities, it is the best conditions to view the abundance of underwater life on the coastal shelves of Corfu. Snorkelling has long been a past-time of the island, and one of the best locations is Agios Arsenios, where you’ll find the small, fishermen’s church overlooking the water.

Several of the resorts offer package deals for water sports, which can save time and money on training and equipment rental. Some months offer greater opportunity for enjoying sunny, warm days on the waves. June through August tend to be the hottest, though August is well-known for the increased possibility tropical storms. May, June, September, and October are great months for avoiding crowds and getting access to special discounts on Corfu holidays, though be aware that rain is common in May and October. With careful planning, you can visit Corfu without worry of missing out on your favoured water sports.

Article Courtesy of Sunvil