Visiting the city of Rotterdam

The City of Rotterdam is just one part of the Netherlands South-Holland region and is the second most populated city in the region after the capital city. While it may fall in second place behind Amsterdam, it is noticeable as home of the largest port in the country and the largest port in Europe.

Amsterdam of course has the larger image since everyone knows the city for its various cultural landmarks and ambience, but Rotterdam still receives a fair amount of tourists each year and is well worth checking out if you have the time.

The central districts of Rotterdam are filled with lively activity including plenty of entertainment options to keep visitors happy. The city centre for instance is known for its top notch dining scene with plenty of Michelin-star rated restaurants for tourists to try out.

In fact, cuisine is definitely one of the top reasons to plan a visit to the Rotterdam city centre, but it is not the only reason because the Rotterdam shopping scene is also quite enticing for travellers from outside of the city. In fact, within the city centre there are two pedestrianised shopping districts and several other shopping centres to explore.

The two pedestrian shopping districts in the city are the Hoogstraat and the Lijnbaan with the latter being recognised as the first pedestrian shopping mall to be built in the world back in 1953. The city market is also a great find with plenty of valued goods available for cheap open on Tuesdays and Sundays if you happen to be in town on one of these two days.

Finally, for those who want to get outside for a bit the Kralingse Plas Lake is a great place to partake in water sports. Situated within the city locals often yacht, sail, and even rowboat in the middle of the city centre.