Visiting Montreal, the Paris of North America

Montréal is a city which is often referred to as being the Paris of North America, because of its blend of modern attractions and natural beauty. It also has an incredible old world charm, which makes it very appealing to tourists as a land where you can escape for a short time and really have a fantastic stay.

The city has a rich amount of history, and has a wonderful selection of architecture which is neoclassical as well as Gothic. It is not just the architecture that is particularly notable in the city, and there are also many attractions which people will enjoy. There are various amusement parks and casinos, which contrast fantastically with the cultural attractions available in the city.

Montréal is also a city that is particularly famous for its museum, the Montréal Insectarium, which is a very unusual type of Museum, which is specifically designed to showcase insects, and there are various different kinds that have been brought from all over the world here.

The ambience in this Museum is really incredible, and it is sure to be an attraction that will appeal to both adults and children. It is really a must visit while you are coming to Montréal, and should be included on any itinerary.

Another great attraction which deals with nature is the Biodome in the city, which would certainly be one of its most important tourist attractions. This dome was created in a former stadium and now it is a zoo which is home to some of the planet’s most rare species. Again, if you’re travelling with children, this is a real highlight of any trip to Montréal