Visiting Iraq

Iraq is a very diverse country and you will find plains, deserts and mountains ranges all within its borders. The climate in Iraq is very polarised as the summers are very hot, and the winters are very cold. However, the country does not receive very much rainfall throughout the year and generally around six inches falls annually, and that’s it.

The lifestyle in Iraq is interesting and rich and much of this is due to its extensive history. Early life in a row can be traced back extensively and it is believed to be one of the locations of the world’s earliest settlements. The people here were also known to be some of the first to study things such as mathematics, science, law and philosophy.

Because of this extensive history there are many fascinating sites in the country. Many of these are located in Baghdad, the capital of the country and its main urban centre. The National Museum of Iraq houses many of the country’s most famous relics and manuscripts. If you really want to understand the history of Iraq, then this is the place to head too.

Most tourists decide to visit Baghdad Zoo, which is popular with locals and tourists alike. If you are travelling with children then stopping off at this destination is sure to delight. Once you have tired of all the tourist sites, you should retire to one of Baghdad’s many excellent restaurants where you will find local food that is incredibly rich and spicy.