USB Mains Plug Travel Adapter from LINDY Powers All Devices

USB charger delivers much needed current to power hungry devices.

Travellers throughout the world will always be able to charge their devices and still use a hairdryer – even iPad users, thanks to the the latest ingenious USB Mains Plug Travel Adapter from LINDY Electronics ensures .

Suitable for use in Europe, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and China, the LINDY travel adapter is able to take plugs from all of those countries too. This makes it completely versatile for the seasoned traveller with multi country electrical items including those that need a USB connection.

“Power hungry devices such as iPads are notoriously difficult to charge using adapters because the USB charging ports themselves don’t deliver the full power required,” says Andrew Ingram, Product Manager of LINDY Electronics. “We’ve ensured that our latest travel adapter can deliver the required current to charge such devices easily or two lower powered devices such as a mobile phone or camera simultaneously.”

The LINDY USB Mains Plug Travel Adapter has an integral sliding plug design that enables the unit to be a compact square shape when not in use, without protruding pins. The power rating is adapted using a sliding button on the side and an LED power indictor lets the user know the adapter is receiving power. The adapter also has built in safety shutters including an internal fuse.

Notes to editors: The LINDY USB Mains Plug Travel Adapter (part no. 73110) retails at £14.95 incl. VAT and has a 2 year guarantee. It can be purchased from or from for customers in Eire.