Tropical Belize has everything for the beach lover

Placencia in Belize is the kind of place that you truly feel that you can relax in. Unlike some Asia beach locations such as Bali where local vendors won’t leave you in peace for a minute at a time, here there is no issue with overcrowding and you can find a spot on the beach all to yourself.

The vibe in Belize is that everything is okay, just relax and take it easy. Even the immigration office that handles entries, extensions and exits are polite about it all if you want to extend your stay. There is usually a departure tax which is not mentioned in the guide books, but they’re politely insistent about it.

Placencia has earned the local nickname “the bare-foot village” because of it boasts 16 miles of sandy white beaches. Surely enough for any beach lover to get their beach fix and find a place they enjoy hanging out, or indeed, change to a different spot each day for a varied beach holiday.

The Barrier Reef here has earned international renowned for the varied sea life. There are twenty different dive locations that can be explored and many different dive operators who will be only too happy to offer a day or more of diving in the local waters.

The eateries are not just limited to local cuisine. In fact, there are some very up-scale restaurants which offer European, as well as Asian delicacies. Some will even require ladies to wear a nice evening dress and the men wearing jackets to be admitted, so pack accordingly.

During the main tourist season and if you stick to smaller accommodations, the less luxurious hotels start at £60-80 per night for a double room for two. In the off-season, the rates fall considerably.

There is not a huge amount to do in this part of Belize. But for most people, what they come for are the beaches and perhaps some diving, both of which Placencia offers in spades. Friendly people, good facilities and tasty food top off the attractions here.