Touring Holiday of China

The perfect way to escape your worries in Britain is to enjoy a relaxing and inspiring holiday and there is no other place on earth that can provide the perfect combination of the modern world and natural beauty like China. Due to the vastness of China, the best way to experience the country is a guided tour so that you get to experience the unmissable features that the Peoples Republic has to offer.

Few countries in the world are home to such diverse regions and peoples as those found in China, moreover, few countries have so many famous landmarks that need to be experienced. Some of these highlights of China are often included in tours, for example, the Terracotta Warriors, seen as the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, the life size warriors can be found in the Xian region. Another must see is the Li River in Guilin, which offer a relaxing cruise down the river from Gulin to Yangshuo allowing you to admire and take in some breathtaking scenery. One of the biggest attractions of China is the Great Wall, found near Beijing; you cannot venture to China without seeing this fantastic achievement. Moreover, when in central China a Yangtze River Cruise is a must for all visitors, the cruise is the only way to experience the fantastic landscape and take in the dramatic Three Gorges. Most of the premium tours of China will take holidaymakers to the Forbidden City in Beijing, where people can take in the majestic sight of the most complex palace in China. Lastly, most tours around China will visit the Chinese Gardens, allowing you to explore the charming city of Suzhou; a city that has been referred to as the ‘Venice of the East’ as well as visit the Temple of Heaven in Beijing a magnificent Taoist temple that will leave you breathless.

These are just a few examples of the main landmarks scattered throughout China, the country has so much more to offer visitors, with hidden gems found in the busiest of cities as well as the rural areas of China. The cities of China offer tourists a different side to China, the streets of Chinese cities are full of life, offering snacks unique to the country as well as a growing western influence with top brand shops perfect for a last minute shopping spree. China holidays offer a unique experience that will be difficult to beat.