Top tourist attractions in Bonn

Alter Zoll today is a fascinating tourist attraction, and it was first built in the 16th century as a castle. Today, this destination in Bonn offers a fantastic view over the entire city as well as usual views of the mountains nearby.

In the city there is also a fascinating museum called the Alexander Koenig Museum, which is dedicated to keeping animals in their natural environments, and is regarded as one of the best Natural History Museum’s in the country. Here you will also find a specific section called the World of Birds which has over 70,000 specimens of birds, including egg specimens which are particularly fascinating.

One of the most renowned sites in Bonn has to be The Art and Exhibition Hall, which examines the cultural legacy of Germany, and some of its most remarkable art. This is an enormous museum, and has a huge number of exhibitions that are regularly changing. It also has several artefacts that were collected from Tutankhamen’s tomb, which are sure to fascinate equally adults and children.

Perhaps the most famous resident of Bonn who ever lived was Beethoven. You can visit the house where he lived when you are in Bonn, and today it has been converted into a museum, which presents some of the personal belongings of the legendary composer. You will find various musical instruments that are used, including the last piano that he played on, which was specially designed for him.

Constructed in the 12th century, Doppelkirche Schwarzrheindorf is a remarkable cathedral that is actually located just outside of the city, in its suburbs. You will find a fascinating fresco here that portrays the Old Testament. The building is also particularly notable for its architecture which is very Romanesque. The gardens here are in the English style and are a delightful place to relax after exploring this cathedral.