Autumn Holiday Destinations

Top 3 Autumn Holiday Destinations

Taking an overseas holiday during the autumn can be a great idea. As the weather starts to grow colder and the new school year begins, there are fewer people taking holidays abroad. That makes it a great time to go abroad, since you can take advantage of cheaper rates and fewer crowds. Here are a few of our favourite places to visit in autumn.

See The Fall Colours In Canada

The “Great White North” is an amazing place to spend time during any season, but it’s especially beautiful during the autumn. Canada is famous for its vast forests, which cover 40% of the country’s surface area. During the autumn these forests come alive in a riot of reds, yellows, browns and oranges, providing a spectacular scene. The best places to see the fall colours are in the Rocky Mountains to the west, or along the east coast around Quebec and Newfoundland.

Stay In Split’s Roman Palace

Croatia is one of the busiest European tourist destinations in summer. However, once the main tourist season is over, cities like Split become a lot less congested. This makes it easier to enjoy this magnificent place in peace. Lower accommodation prices make it easy to afford an Airbnb right inside the old Roman palace, with coffee shops, bakeries and bars right on your doorstep. Take a drive out to the stunning Klis fortress, which towers hundreds of meters above the city. Split is a fantastic destination any time of year, but it’s the perfect place for an autumn holiday.

Find Some Sun In Seville

Summer in Spain is always a tricky prospect. With temperatures regularly hitting 40 degrees, it’s hard to explore the country itself – this much heat is enough to stop even the most leisurely of strolls. In autumn, though, cities like Seville are a brilliant place to spend time. Explore the old historical quarter with the smell of orange blossom wafting in the wind, then retire for tapas and cerveza in the warm evening sun.

Plan Your Autumn Break Today

It’s not too late to get away this autumn. Why not plan a quick getaway to Spain, or spend a week or two exploring Canada? There’s plenty to see and do, and you’ll miss out on the summer rush. Start planning your autumn holiday now and book the break you deserve.