Tips for packing footwear

Getting ready to travel involves packing a lot of items, especially clothes, and footwear may be the most challenging part of filling your luggage. You do not want to be all dressed up when you realise that you did not bring the right shoes to go with your outfit, and those are in fact back home. If you pack the right shoes at the start, then you will not have to go out with the wrong shoes, or have to go out and get new shoes to replace them. But then again you also need to have them fit your bag, which is yet another challenge.

Boots in particular can take a lot of room in your luggage, yet depending on where you are going, you may need a pair of solid boots. Packing fashionable accessories can be a pain when you also need to decide what is too big to fit, and what is too risky to bring with you.

Thanks to careful planning, you can pack your shoes the correct way and bring them with you wherever you go. This will not only allow you to have a care-free experience, but also keep your booties in shape for when you return home. Put some crumpled papers or magazines inside of them, and you will find they will not shrink needlessly.

Another space saver is if you bring smaller items in your luggage. Put these small items in-between your shoes, and they will help cushion them together. These can be phone chargers, cards, belts and any other small things you may be bringing. Plan your outfit based on the boots and shoes you have with you, so that you avoid having to pick items you did not want to wear, and only bring what you are sure to be needing. That way you create a better situation for yourself once at your destination.