Thomson Couples, no kids allowed

The whole point for many holidaymakers of escaping is a chance to relax and unwind in the sun, and because of this Thomson Holidays has launched Thomson Couples an entirely new adult only holiday experience targeted at couples that want to unwind in a child-free environment.

It is not important whether you are escaping your own or other people’s children, Thomson Couples offers the first mainstream travel option for couples 100% children free holidays at resorts worldwide.

This news will be welcomed by over 75% of those recently polled by Thomson Holidays who said a child free atmosphere is needed. Those polled admit their holidays were affected by children of other holidaymakers. Even more than 30% said they have had well-earned holidays completely ruined by unruly children.

The biggest complaint by over half of those surveyed about children is their unruly behavior in restaurants while close to half said just the noise and whining was irritating from the children. Also there are a large number of parents that would cherish just a few days away from the kids on occasion in order to try and get their batteries recharged. Both peace and quiet are standard at a Couple hotel.