Things to see and do in Tenerife away from the beach

While Tenerife is well-known for its glorious expanse of golden sands, you should not fall into the mistake of thinking that there is little else to do on the island except soak up the sun while on the beach.

In fact, the Spanish holiday destination offers a wide array of attractions and activities away from the coast, so there is bound to be something that piques your interest. There are often many cheap holiday deals to take advantage of, especially to the Canary Islands, making Tenerife one of the top destinations for British holidaymakers each year.

And you will certainly not be short of places to visit if you’re a nature lover, as Tenerife – which is the largest of the Canary Islands, is home to a number of animal parks.

For a fantastic day out, the Aguilas Jungle Park could offer everything a nature enthusiast is looking for.

Crocodiles, chimpanzees and meerkats are among the creatures you can spot here. However, it may be the park’s population of big cats that is to your liking, which includes lions, leopards and jaguars.

Aguilas is open all year round from 10:00 to 17:30 local time and with a range of temporary exhibits and shows taking place you should find that there is always something new for you to see.

Fans of dolphins may be more inclined to visit Aqualand – which is home to Tenerife’s only dolphinarium. These stunning underwater creatures put on a captivating daily show, in which they perform a fascinating routine of flips and jumps.

Once this is over, head to the water park. You’re unlikely to be able to do the same tricks as the dolphins but you can still have fun going down the slides and splashing about in the pool.

If you’d rather stay dry during your holiday to Tenerife, you may want to visit the Montana Roja Nature Reserve. Located in the south of the island near the El Medano tourist resort, a trip here can make for a fascinating day out.

Not only can you climb the Montana Roja Mountain, but you should also be able to spot beautiful seabirds. Make sure you bring your digital camera and binoculars with you as some of the species are particularly rare.

To see some more fascinating fauna and flora over the course of your Tenerife holiday, you should put a trip to the Mount Teide National Park firmly at the top of your list. Here you will be able to see several endemic species of reptile, as well as fascinating rock formations.

The park, which is on the Unesco World Heritage List, also contains the highest peak in Spain – the 3,718-metre tall Mount Teide.

And while it is the third-highest volcano in the world, it is quite unlikely that it will erupt during the course of your trip, as the last this time happened was in 1909.

It is possible to climb Teide but this can be a fairly arduous journey that only experienced walkers should tackle. A more leisurely way to ascend the volcano could be to take the cable car, although if you want to reach its peak, you will need to complete the journey by foot as well as obtain a special permit from the local authorities.

The Loro Parque, situated on the outskirts of Puerto De La Cruz, can also make for a fantastic day out. Here you can see creatures such as parrots and sea lions, as well as sharks and other underwater animals in the vast aquarium.

With so many attractions it’s quite possible to have a fun-filled Tenerife holiday away from the beach altogether!

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