There is more than just beaches to attract visitors to Mexico

Mexico’s attractions include much more than beach resorts, though that’s where the majority of visitors seem to congregate. For a fascinating look at both the past and future of this often enigmatic country, you should spend some time in Monterrey.

Situated about 530 metres above sea level, Monterrey is the third largest and wealthiest city in Mexico and the capital of Nuevo Leon. This is the business hub of the country, and claims to have 20% of all the computers in Mexico. However it is a city of contradictions, with the modern section hosting most of its national and international development and the old district called Barrio Antigua still holding on to the ‘sleepy town’ ambiance of yesteryear.

There is a wealth of natural attractions surrounding the city, with good hiking, biking and climbing trails through mountain, desert and forest terrain. Visitors with children should check out the Sesame Street Amusement Park that hosts all the characters from the beloved TV show plus white-knuckle rides for the adults and gentler fare for the kids. There’s also a water park on site that is most welcome on hot days, which can occur even in February.

The Cinemax Convention Center is the place to go for exhibitions of art, dance, theatre and fashion. It also hosts many of Mexico’s most popular and extravagant events, so there’s always something exciting going on. Another attraction, possibly the biggest, is the Gran Plaza, where many of the finest hotels, restaurants and shopping options are located.

Monterrey has been described as the most progressive, modern city in Mexico, where people like to learn and work and “live for the weekends”. Visitors will find that this makes for a great spot to go for a unique and memorable holiday.