The world’s most expensive hotel

Going on holiday usually means a great time and because you usually indulge you must have the best facilities to enjoy your holiday as well as the people that accompany you. Then quite possibly looking at the world’s most expensive hotel may come in handy.

Enjoying time at such a resort guarantees your social status will skyrocket overnight. The most expensive of all resorts as of now is in Athens, Greece – The Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi. Apart from being a villa this is Royal with a capital R in every aspect.

The Villa has three bedrooms and two pools one interior and one exterior. The exterior pool is heated. You will personally be attended to by a butler and a pianist and you will be given access to a chef and he will give you a tour of the incredible kitchen. The other rooms are a dining area and an elegant spacious living room.

The furniture is classy and only the top names are purchased. There are a number of different candles that are any and everywhere to make for a romantic candle lit pool dinner. There is satellite TV in the living room, a DVD and PlayStation. In the business area of the living rooms is a laptop, videophone, fax machine and printer.

The indoor pool has a gymnasium, an area to workout, there is also a private beach and by default, access to the marina. Each night in the Royal Villa will only cost you about £32,000.