The Wonders of a Mediterranean Cruise

The worst mistake anyone can make when they are considering taking a cruise is thinking that a Mediterranean cruise is settling for second best. Even if you consider yourself to be well travelled and feel that you have seen all the best that Europe has to offer, you haven’t. The region around the Mediterranean Sea has something to offer everyone including museums, great sights, beaches, shopping, and a huge diversity of culture.

Mediterranean cruises give you the chance to see those countries you may have visited many times from a completely different perspective. Take Spain for example, no matter how many beaches you have ever lain on in different Costa’s, the breathtaking Catalan city of Barcelona has to be seen to be fully appreciated. A bustling city with a relaxed atmosphere makes it a hot spot for short breaks and you are sure to want to return for a longer stay.

Another benefit of a cruise around the Mediterranean is that all their port stops are pretty close together, so you get to see more and spend less time on your cruise ship. While these majestic vessels are undoubtedly luxurious and you can have great time on board, you want to see as much as you can during your cruise and there are no endless days at sea looking at the water and wishing you were on dry land.

The Mediterranean Sea is also a relatively calm body of water and is a great introduction to cruising for those who are worried about sea sickness. The amount of countries that have a Mediterranean coastline is more than most people realise, so you are going to be treat to a truly fascinating and diverse range of cuisines, cultures and the like.

They are also invariably cheaper that long haul cruises to the likes of the Caribbean, making them one of the most comfortable, practical and economical ways of seeing the jewels that countries of Europe have to offer. You will only unpack once and will sail around the Med in your floating hotel experiencing all that the most underrated of all continents has to offer.

If you fancy spending longer than a few hours in certain destinations such as Monte Carlo or Venice, track down one of the many cruise operators who now offer overnight stays as part of their itinerary and soak in as much of these amazing city’s as you possibly can. If you do take the standard cruise, you can rest assured that the companies work very hard to ensure that you get to see all the best sights and attractions at the various stop off points.

There are various itineraries depending on whether you cruise around the eastern or western Mediterranean, so you will easily be able to find a company that goes where you want to go and allows you to see those sights that you really want to see. Whether travelling as a couple, group, or family, a Mediterranean cruise will give you a real holiday to remember.