The wonderful world of Walt Disney

Just saying the word Disney conjures up images of magic, and fun, and films and characters that have remained firm favourites for decades. The five Disney resorts around the world attract millions of visitors every year, and of these, found in California, Orlando, Japan, Hong Kong and France, the number one as far as British families go is Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

This may surprise many seeing at Disneyland Paris is so much closer but it is also on a much smaller scale and is very much a short break destination, whereas as Orlando is a gigantic resort complete with hotels and restaurants, so if you didn’t want to leave the park for the entire duration of your stay you wouldn’t have to. If this seems a bit unlikely the sheer size of it can’t be appreciated until you get there yourself, Disney Orlando is about the size of Paris, not Disney Paris, but the city itself.

Whichever park you choose to take part in the magic of Disney, buying your Disney tickets as far in advance as possible is the best way to grab any deals or bargains that are on offer. It can be an expensive business taking the family across the Atlantic on a trip of a lifetime, so by taking advantage of the likes of kids go free, or getting extra days for free, you can free up some cash to spend when you get there.

There are literally dozens of website that sell Disneyland tickets, but be as careful as you would with any other online purchase, as there will some that will happily take your money but you will never receive the tickets. Check for the reputable sites, and if you are in any doubt these will have many recommendations in forums so you know you aren’t wasting your money.

An old adage to remember when buying anything online is that if it seems too good to be true it probably is, and if someone is offering a 7 day ticket for the price of a 1 day on another site, give it a wide berth. As mentioned previously, the earlier in advance you book the best chance you have of securing a great deal, and never be tempted to leave it until you get there and pay at the gate, as you will really pay through the nose.

There are a few deals around at the minute that will appeal to many, such as a free airboat ride worth $28 each. These are crafts that you see skidding across the water in many television shows, and are a unique way of seeing the wildlife of Florida in up close and personal in their natural habitat. This offer closes on the 2nd July, so if you fancy one of these great trips check out the ticket site now.

Always bear in mind that if, for example, you buy 7 day Disney ticket, this is fully flexible and you don’t have to go 7 days in a row. You can spread it across the duration of your ‘vacation’, giving you plenty of opportunity to see all that Orlando has to offer.