The Wonderful Scent of Australian Whisky

The Australian single malt is available in a range of styles and is mostly famous for the complexity and depth the taste carries. Most Australian whiskies are not chill-filtered and are bottled at their cask strengths. This helps in providing a rich and intense flavor to the whiskies. The Australian single malt whiskey distilleries do not add artificial flavors or colors to enhance the appearance of the whisky. Despite the varying styles, the common terms used to describe the whiskies of Australia are fruity, honeyed, peppered, citrus or vanilla.

Depending on the blend, Australian whiskies are peated to varying degrees. The famous one is the Highlands in Tasmania that has a great accumulation of decaying vegetation matter. This is why Tasmanian lands have sufficient access to peat which is predominant in Tasmanian whiskies. Most of the highly regarded Australian single malt whiskies belong to Tasmania. The cool climate prevailing in this region forms a perfect base for the production of single malt whisky.

Distilleries spread across Australia

The Bakery Hill Distillery: This distillery located in Victoria uses a single cask for maturation. The whisky produced here is then bottled at cask strength. These whiskies have been aged in barrels that were broken down and rebuilt again into 50-100 liter barrels. This offers a larger surface area and brings the whisky in better contact with the wood. 10 liter oak casks are also available in this distillery.

The Belgrove Distillery: Belgrove distillery is situated in Tasmania. The distillery is famous for producing 100% rye whiskey from the grains grown within a farm in Belgrove. A massive 500 liter copper pot is fuelled by a bio diesel made at home to store the blend. This distillery has produced a whiskey that hasn’t made to age in casks but intends to follow the traditional cask aging process in the coming future.

The Castle Glen Distillery: Located in Queensland, this distillery was originally a winery. It now produces single malt whisky too. This single malt whiskey makes use of the Swiss malt that is used in brewing beer. The spirit is then distilled two times followed by maturing in oak casks up till 2 years.

The Corowa Whisky & Chocolate Distillery: This distillery can be found in New South Wales and sprung from a flour mill. The first Australian single malt whisky was made at this distillery from the locally sourced organic grain.

The Great Southern Distillery: This distillery is situated in Albany found in the Western region of Australia. Single casks are used and the barrels are not blended to make whiskies in the Great Southern distillery. It is also famous for its Limeburners single malt whiskies that use heavy peat. The whiskies are mostly plain and not chill-filtered

Nant Distillery: The distillery is located in Tasmania. The Nant distillery is unique with its water powered mill that is used to ground the barley that further contributes to processing the whisky. The distillery is famous for the Nant Double Malt which uses malt sourced from a different distillery along with its own malt. The first Nant single malt produced here was aged in a 20 liter French oak cask and finished in American oak sherry cask.