The wine regions of Germany

The number of wine-making regions in Germany is thirteen and all of the regions are beautiful and there are river valleys, lush hills and you can see villages which gives the visitors an extraordinary feeling. To enjoy the beauty of the hills and the valleys you have to walk around the villages.

The vineyard are there as a personal property, but you don’t need to fix an appointment to enter into the wine-making region. If you are willing to have a bottle, purchase it. If you are looking for a delightful and memorable holiday, visit the vineyards and explore the areas.

Are you not a wine buff? Are you thinking that there is nothing for you? Then, you are completely wrong. The area surrounded by the Ruwer, Saar and Moselle rivers is the pace for adventurous people. This is also a historic place, because the production of wine founded in Roman times.

The oldest wine production of Germany is there with more than 125 villages and over 5,000 wineries. Everyone loves to see the varieties of foods with excellent flavour of the fruits. Thus, Moselle valley is ideal place for everyone. The produced wine is not the cheapest but one of the best qualities.

The slopes are very sharp there which helps the grapes to rip very fast. You would love to see the trees on the slopes. The slopes are more than 65 degree. For the steepness of the vineyards the grapes can be picked very easily with hand. The cost of the wines varies.