The vibrant city of Istanbul is perfect for a holiday

The Turkish capital, Istanbul, is one of the easiest city’s to navigate that you will find anywhere. With many top attractions being in such close proximity to each other, you can walk around the city exploring it and dropping in and out of attractions at will. Even if you are on a family holiday in Turkey will youngsters, they too will live wandering all the secret alleyways that Istanbul is littered with.

Everyone has heard of the famous Turkish markets, but the one held in the centre of Istanbul is the daddy of them all. If you can’t find something you want to buy in the Grand Bazaar then, quite frankly, there is no pleasing you. With around 4000 outlets, this is the largest covered market in the whole of Turkey, and is an eclectic melee of intricate pottery, Turkish carpets, colourful jewellery, earthenware and aromatic foods that make your mouth water.

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, a visit to the beautiful Blue Mosque is a must. Although children may be disappointed at first to discover that it isn’t actually blue, they will soon get over that an be blown away at what can only be described as an exquisite architectural feat. The awe inspiring cascade of domes are surrounded by the 6 minarets that soar into the sky and can be seen from numerous vantage points around Istanbul.

This is the perfect place to learn some of the ancient culture of Turkey, and even the kids will love learning about the colourful and bloody past. When you first walk through the stone courtyard and into the grand entrance, the domes seem as if they are rising above you and disappearing into the sky, and the soothing, if somewhat eerie, sound emitting from the worshippers is the perfect soundtrack to this most impressive of scenes.