The vast choice of hotels available in Chihuahua

There are a number of chain hotels in Chihuahua, including a Best Western, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, Quality Inn, Sleep Inn and Ramada. Depending on room type and time of year prices can vary, but it is possible to find rooms with excellent amenities that are affordable.

Head to Calicanto Café Cultural if you are looking for authentic Mexican food with local drinks like sotol. Sopa Arriera is one of the more popular dishes, a soup made with beans, chiles, corn, garlic, tomatoes and even cactus. Many local musicians perform here so it is best to call ahead of your visit. The chef’s own cookbook is available to buy so you will be able to recreate the meals at home.

Los Cinco Panes de Chihuahua is another popular restaurant here and is actually an Italian restaurant. Here they serve fantastic salads, Panini and pitas; amongst the favourites are ham and basil pasta and a salmon and pear Panini. The restaurant is small and has a romantic garden, perfect for special occasions and events. Diners can eat for between $8 and $10 and the meals are excellent value.

One of the most beautiful of the parks in the city is Parque el Palomar. This is located on a hill and provides a perfect view of the downtown area. Couples and families come here to enjoy the weather whilst eating treats such as ice cream or nachos. Popular parts to visit in the park include statues like The Bull, The Doves and the statue of Anthony Quinn, born here.

The Metropolitan Cathedral Church is also worth visiting. Built in the 1700’s, the church serves as the current seat of the archbishop of Chihuahua. This is something that should not be missed when visiting Mexico as the architecture and interior artwork are beautiful.