The perfect base for a holiday at Ayers Rock

If you are longing for a holiday in Uluru, or Ayers Rock, you will have to decide on a starting point or base station for yourself. Three cities that can serve your purpose well are Adelaide, Darwin, and Alice Springs. This is because of their locations that make it comfortable for you to reach Uluru at a short notice and also because of their own tourist attractions that can be important in making up your mind.

The first choice for most people remains Alice Springs because of not just a convenient location but also because of the many attractions it has up its sleeve. These include the Reptile Centre and the Desert Park. It takes just 6 hours drive from Alice Springs to reach Ayers Rock taking Lasseter Highway and Stuart Highway.

Many prefer Darwin to Alice Springs but this is better only if you have a lot of time at your disposal. The distance from here to Uluru is around 1956 km that requires you to drive for about 24 hours. If you want some outdoor thrill and adventure, this is the trip should take. Darwin has many national parks such as Litchfield National park, Kadaku National Park, Kimberley Ranges, Katherine George etc to keep you busy.

If you choose Adelaide, be prepared to drive your car for a long time. It is still a popular choice despite being a long 1601 km stretch because of the wine region in between. It makes the journey that much relaxing for wine lovers.

You must hire a camper van to cover this journey as it fulfils your requirements of accommodation as well as transportation. It gives you the freedom to stop anywhere you want without thinking about reaching the hotel at night. These vans are available for hire at all three destinations mentioned in this article.