The many attractions of Montreal

Montreal, Canada, is a mix of both English and French culture as Montreal is known for its cultural heritage from both countries. Every year the city attracts a large amount of international tourists to it due to a combination of social events, cultural events, cuisine, festivals, music, and theatre. These are just a few of the attractions that make Montreal such a favourite of tourists but there are plenty more including the top attractions listed below.

First up on the list is Old Montreal, the historical branch of the city. This area is made up of hotels, restaurants, and boutiques and is steeped in 17th and 18th century architecture. It is also easy to walk around and has grand attractions like the Notre Dame Basilica, Point Calliere Museum, and of course plenty of fine dining and shopping opportunities.

Another top attraction on the list is the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts which you will find many Canadian exhibits and some of the best international contemporary pieces of art. There are over 36,000 pieces housed in the museum including decorative art objects, sculpture, paintings, and photographs.

The eco-minded will want to make sure to stop by the Montreal Biodome museum while on this side of town as it recreates the four major ecosystems found in the world devoting a space to each area where the wildlife, vegetation, and climate is controlled to echo its ecosystem.

Finally the athletic minded will want to make it a point to stop by Mont Royal Summit which is a very high peak that offers a great view. While you can drive to the top of the summit or take a bus, those looking to get some exercise can choose to bike or hike up the summit as well. Also at the Summit is the Mont Royal Park for kids, that features a small lake, playgrounds, walking paths, and lookouts.