The many attractions of Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the largest islands in the world and it is located in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa. If you are coming to Madagascar there are many sites that you should visit in the country no matter how long your stay.

Madagascar is a very unique ecosystem that was once almost entirely made up of rainforests although over the last four decades this forest has been almost completely destroyed in order to make way for agriculture. Madagascar’s population is increasing very quickly and for this reason a great deal of the forest has had to be destroyed in order to make way for people.

Right in the north of the island you will find the incredible volcanic Tsaratanana, which is one of the highest mountains in Madagascar. You will find some incredible plantations here which are all irrigated by some of the rivers the run through the area. Around this area of the island you will find Nosy Be which is one of the main centres the tourism in the country.

Madagascar once had far more nature than it does today, however there are still parts of it that are protected. Right in the northern part of the country you will find the incredible National Park called Montagne d’Ambre and this place is physically well known for being the home of some of the country’s most famous plants, it’s orchids.

Madagascar is a country that is paradise for many tourists and you will be able to see is so many things on your trip here. The amount of nature and plant life is still remarkable and you will be blown away by the incredible sights. Whether it’s mountains, rainforests, or beaches, you are sure to find something to love in Madagascar.