The Caravan Club’s essential, three-volume European sites guides and touring handbook

The Caravan Club’s three publications have all been totally re-worked for the start of 2014. This is in conjunction with The Club’s new look and re-branding and is now better than ever. There will be new and exciting photography which will be aimed at getting everyone to  out touring.

The three volumes are available as follows:-

Caravan Europe – Spain and Portugal
Caravan Europe – France and Andorra
Caravan Europe – Central and South East Europe Benelux and Scandinavia

Each volume contains a comprehensive guide to touring in Europe, including general advice and country-specific information. The France guide contains over 3,500 sites; Spain and Portugal over 700 sites and Central and South East Europe, Benelux and Scandinavia over 3,000 sites. The site listings have been compiled through Club members’ reports, meaning that all sites live up to the standard expected by Club members.

Also included is full colour mapping at the end of each section which includes distance charts as well as invaluable information on mountain passes and tunnels and where to avoid traffic blackspots.

Advice on continental motoring, including international road signs, motorway tolls, essential equipment and emergency procedures, makes these titles an invaluable ‘tool’ for touring in continental Europe – for first timers and the more experienced traveller. The guides also contain a wealth of information on the differences you might find on continental sites, customs regulations and useful guidance on subjects such as safety and security, money and insurance. It all helps to minimise any hassle and uncertainty of caravanning and motor caravanning in Europe, giving readers the utmost confidence to enjoy touring the continent.

Tony Hall, director of Marketing for The Caravan Club, says “The wealth of information contained in the pages of these guides is second-to-none. With so many sites reported on, the choice is there for caravanners and motorhome owners to get out on the road and have fantastic European touring holidays. These are the must-have travellers’ companion.”