The Best Places to Stay in Chicago

Cheap Chicago hotels have a lot to offer to travellers who want a unique experience. One thing that travellers can be sure of is, just because a hotel offers reasonable rates, doesn’t mean that service has to be sub-par. User-generated reviews can be quite helpful, although reviews from professional writers should be given the most attention. When you know what’s available in Chicago, you can choose the property that will work best for your needs. In many cases, it can be best to search for ideal hotels by the type of category that they fall into.

Finding Places to Stay in Chicago

One of the things that people can be sure if is that there are many options to choose from. Although Chicago is well-known for very upmarket, expensive hotels, there are many that are easily affordable. Being a major city, Chicago has many options, including hostels. Many of these hostels aren’t restricted to youth, and some are especially recommended for families. A number of budget hotels offer a range of amenities commonly seen in more expensive hotels, so you can be sure of a good experience.

Popular Hostels

Some places to stay are quite popular and known outside of Chicago. J. Ira and Nicki Harris Hostel is a hostel that is very popular with travellers of all ages. It’s convenient to Lake Michigan and other attractions, such as the Shedd Aquarium and the Art Institute. The neighbourhood is generally considered to be safe. Guests enjoy dormitory-style rooms, free wireless Internet access and free breakfast. The Chicago Getaway Hostel is located close to Lincoln Park and other attractions. This is another budget hostel option that also offers easy access to public transportation.

Best Value Hotels

It’s quite easy to find value-priced hotels that offer a lot to visitors for their money. Chicago City Centre is a good choice for families with children who prefer a lot of activity. Kids can have free meals if they’re 12 or younger. The Lake Shore Athletic Club is next door to the hotel, and guests have free access to its facilities. It also features both an indoor and an outdoor pool. The Majestic Hotel has the feel of a B&B, with simple surroundings. Wrigley Field is close by, and the hotel offers its guests afternoon tea.

Interesting Chicago Hotels

Many of Chicago’s hotels have interesting features that put them at the top of the list of interesting places to stay. Several Chicago hotels are historical, and their history is a major selling point. The InterContinental Chicago offers lodgings in a building that dates to 1929. Guests can take advantage of a wine and chocolate bar, as well as an indoor pool with interesting tile designs. The Windy City Urban Inn is a cosy B & B that offers breakfast featuring popular local foods. Guests can choose from 3 apartments or 5 rooms. The Talbott Hotel is another interesting place to stay in because it’s styled more like an inn than a hotel, with traditional furniture.

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