The Best Activity Breaks for 2013

Activity breaks are growing in popularity. More people are opting to have very active holidays where they can do adventurous activities they wouldn’t ordinarily do or do things they would like to all the time but are too busy du to work and life commitments. Whether it’s Golf in Morocco, skiing in France or dong a charity challenge, these types of breaks are fun and rewarding.
Golf in Morocco
Morocco is very welcoming country and when it comes to golf; it is an exciting destination growing in population. It is a short flight from many major European cities and the fact that the sun shines all through the year makes it a great destination no matter what time of the year it is.  The most popular place to play golf is the city of Marrakech in Morocco; the golfing infrastructure is well designed and developed.

A break in this city provides you with the ultimate combination between sunshine, culture, food and golf. You’ll be able to experience the tourist friendly markets with interesting things to see, taste and buy. On top of that, the nightlife offers a blend of restaurants bars and clubs. A with no shortage of golf resorts in Morocco, you’re not short of choice!
Skiing in France
If you are looking for the best slopes in the world, then France is the place to go. There slopes vary in difficulty and you have the option choosing day passes or various slopes or great packages for one resort. Children are welcome at many of these resorts which makes it a great choice for families and large groups.

A skiing activity break has many secondary activities you can participate in other than skiing. There are other snow activities such as snowboarding, hiking and riding. Additionally, ski resorts are connected to small town with shopping facilities, restaurants and night clubs. You could also just take a break from in all in the spa or around fire places with warmth and hot chocolate.
Do a charity challenge
Charity work is an important element in our lives. Both for the benefit it provides others and our own personal developments. Doing charity challenge is fun and helpful activity that y can do with the whole family. There are many challenges around the world that cater for all types of people, whether you are an adrenalin junkie or more looking for more sedate activities, there is something for you.

If you re very active, you can consider biking or hiking challenges. These will take you through on trek in mountain like the Himalayas or trekking along the Brazilian coasts. You’ll be able to raise money for your charity while having an amazing adventure. These challenges allow you to have an authentic experience in an incredible setting. Other activities that are geared towards conservation and hands on assistance in communities are available too.

There are many great ways to experience the world. Rather than considering the typical travel experience, combine a number of aspects to your trip. Try one of these great activity breaks in 2013.
Hiking in Jordan
Jordan is famed for the ruins of Petra, but there is plenty more to offer in this enchanting country. A trip to Jordan shouldn’t be all about Petra, it can also be a great escape for an activity holiday. Put on your hiking boots and head out to the stunning wilderness at Wadi Dana. This area will allow you to see more of Jordan’s dramatic environment, as well as providing an opportunity to interact with locals away from the tourist hub. There are also fantastic hikes around Petra, so you can combine the two and enjoy a fantastic holiday in Jordan, soaking up the best it has to offer.