The beauty of Barbados is clear to see

The population of the island of Barbados is less than 300,000 and yet it attracts nearly that many tourists every year. Apart from that, for such a small island, it comes in at number fifty-one in the rankings of the world’s richest countries. If you ever visit there you will discover why it is such a popular place, and it really is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Starting with the local people, they are so friendly and hospitable. They welcome tourists and visitors as they do their own people. A few Caribbean countries have a bad reputation for crime and deservedly so, Not Barbados. The crime rate here is relatively low and you can feel quite safe wherever you are on the island.

While you are chatting with the locals, you may even join them in a glass of rum. Rum is the drink here and indeed is its country of origin. There are an amazing fifteen thousand rum stores on the island. That’s one for every twenty people; To go with the rum you can try one of the local dishes such as flying fish and macaroni pie. The local Caribbean fare is delicious.

Barbados is renowned for its beautiful beaches and the West Coast and Platinum Coast are favourites of photographers from all over the world. The hotels here are world famous as well. They are simply luxurious and whether you want a family hotel or a romantic getaway, you will find it on Barbados.

Finally, last but by no means least, the nightlife. Barbadians love their music and dancing. They especially love reggae and jazz. St. Lawrence Gap is a long stretch full of bars, clubs and restaurants. Here you will find the locals chilling out to their favourite sounds and they will just love it if you join them.