The Azores, Portugal, but not Portugal

The Portuguese archipelago (group of small islands) of the Azores offers something for everyone. It’s close enough to home to feel like a regular summer holiday, whilst far enough away (1,000 miles) and different enough from mainland Portugal to feel like something a little more exotic.

If you’re a nature lover, you can go whale-watching or dolphin spotting. You don’t have to be an expert, as local marine biologists will take you on boat trips from Pico, Sao Miguel and Terceira and show you Atlantic spotted, bottlenose and striped dolphins, as well as pilot and sperm whales.  For the kids and the big kids among us, you can also swim with the dolphins, with trips departing from the largest island Sao Miguel.

The best time to see whales and dolphins is in summer, however, from October to June is an equally good time to see other migrating species, too numerous to mention and the local tourist industry will always be ready to help you, whatever the season and your individual requirements.

Alternatively, you can go for long romantic walks, taking in all of the spectacular scenery of the islands, including great forests and lakes, or you can find yourselves a more secluded spot on one of the many unusual black sand beaches. For the more sporty of you, there is climbing, diving, game fishing, mountain biking and many more activities, mostly to be found on Sao Miguel. Equally, you may want to island hop to one or more of the other eight islands. Or you might just want to put your feet up and relax away from the world of work and the rat race.

Holidays needn’t be all hustle and bustle. With the Azores you can choose from a wide variety of holidays to suit yourselves.