The Aegean coastline of Turkey is by far the most picturesque

If you’re interested in coming to Turkey to see some of its most beautiful landscapes then you should head to the Aegean Region. This is a part of Turkey with beautiful beaches, clear water, pinewoods and extensive olive groves.

Along the coast you will find holiday villages, fishing harbours and an extensive history that dates back five millennia. There is a great deal of mythology in Turkey and this part of the country has a significant amount of it. For those who enjoy archaeology, nature, photography or simply the sun, this is a great destination to head do.

The weather is really one of the absolute highlights of this part of the country. Even in the winter it is warm, and the summer months are hot. That said the climate does remain rather miles because of the nearby mountains and sea. If you come in the summer then you are going to be able to enjoy some fantastic beaches and water sports.

If you choose to come in autumn, the weather is still warm, but it will be more bearable to explore some of the countryside and the ancient ruins which can be found there. Unlike most places in this hemisphere, it is possible to visit in January and February and still enjoy the weather.

There are a huge number of museums and historical attractions in the Aegean Region and one of the most notable is the monument that is constructed by King Antiochus in order to celebrate his own glory. There is also a spectacular outdoor museum nearby which contains information about the history, culture and ruins of the area.

There are also numerous churches and mosques here, many of which are ancient and particularly beautiful. Exploring some of these can be a real highlight of any holiday to this part of Turkey.