The Adventure Company – the adventure holiday specialist

The Adventure Company, the name alone should tell you something. Started in 1996 as a small specialist in adventure tours the company’s goal is to provide an inspirational, memorable adventurous holiday for everyone.

With independent thinking and passion about the world and travel they can give you a truly fun filled adventure holiday. They also offer a broad range of other holidays that include family holidays with destinations to Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, the Middle East and even Antarctica. The Adventure Company is backed by one of the world’s best travel and leisure company, TUI Travel.

An important part of any tour operator is first find the best possible destinations but more importantly have a team that can make that holiday happen and that can ensure the holidaymaker of a once in a lifetime experience. Our team is made up of over 40 travel professionals. They have gone on these trips; they hiked into the Peruvian ruins of Machu Picchu, sailed in the Antarctica, toured the Nile and have seen the ruins of Tikal.

There are over 230 trips that we offer that fall into four areas: Family Adventures, Worldwide Adventure, The Collection and Astronomy Tours. Family adventures offers family holidays for those that like action and adventure. There are more than 85 trips available, including dedicated tours for teen adventure like the Active Turkey tour that is the most popular teen tour where you visit the resort of Kas and enjoy kayaking, diving, mountain biking and even a two night sailing and snorkelling trip.

The worldwide adventures has 135 trips that range from safaris, cultural discover and other activities to place like the Pyramids in Egypt, Tikal National Park in Guatemala, Morocco and Tanzania plus much more. Rest assured you will enjoy the adventure holiday of a lifetime on any of their worldwide adventure tours.

The Collection offers trips to destinations that are well known, classic, and there is a more relaxed feel with accommodations that the traveller is familiar with. For instance, the Astronomy tours follow such things as meteor showers and eclipses to create some truly long lasting memorable experiences..

So if it is an adventure holiday or family holidays you are looking for, go no further than The Adventure Company. With something that appeals to everyone, the hardest choice you may have is deciding which one tour is best for your holiday.