Ten of the Least Visited Countries in the World

If you want to head off the beaten track you can forget Thailand, Mexico, Europe and all our usual destinations. There’s a whole world of great destinations slightly further afield and much more off the beaten track than we’d usually think to explore and with that in mind we take a look at the ten least visited countries the world has to offer. You might not want to go to many of them but some are exceptional.

10. Comoros – 15,000

Comoros is a very interesting country but it’s definitely not for the unadventurous, hedonistic or women wanting a beach holiday. The island has had a very turbulent history and now has a strict Islamic political atmosphere which means strict laws. Women aren’t allowed to wear bikinis on the beach and there’s a no alcohol policy throughout the islands. Getting there is a little bit of a pain but Comoros is incredibly beautiful and if you want an unspoilt paradise this is fairly close!

9. Solomon Islands – 14,000

If you want to head completely off the beaten track then the Solomon Islands are hard to beat. The civil wars that have ravaged the country are firmly in the past and this really is a place for adventure travel at its finest. The islands are fantastic to explore with incredible natural beauty and sea life, unspoilt beaches and adventure sports opportunities (though you’ll have to bring your own kit).

8. Central African Republic – 14,000

The Central African Republic is one of the least visited African countries and one of the most beautiful. In terms of a country it’s not very safe and there is no tourist infrastructure so it’s probably not worth visiting. Though the Dzanga-Sangha nature reserve is exceptionally beautiful.

7. Sao Tome and Principe – 12,000

These islands receive hardly any visitors at all which is a huge shame as they are completely unspoilt and stunningly beautiful. You can also fly here from Lisbon which means that it’s an easily accessible destination from Europe. The islands are incredibly beautiful with incredible jungles, wildlife and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The only downside is no-one speaks English so you’ll need to learn a little Portuguese.

6. Turkmenistan – 8,000

Turkmenistan has had one of the most bizarre modern histories in the world and it’s not much of a holiday destination now. Independent travel is a big no-no and getting hold of a visa is all but impossible. If you can manage to get in on a tour you’ll have beautiful canyons and deserts to explore and a fantastic local culture under the surface.

5. Moldova – 7,000

As a European destination Moldova is completely off most people’s radars. It’s one of the poorest countries in Europe and fairly bleak in places. However, the atmosphere is incredible and the nightlife is exceptional. At the same time the countryside is beautiful with a fantastic wine country and beautiful rolling hills and quiet relaxed towns and villages.

4. Marshall Islands – 6,000

The Marshall Islands are one of the few remaining hidden beauties in the Pacific and barely visited at all. They aren’t the easiest to get to but a trip here is well worth it for the beautiful beaches, azure lagoons, coral reefs and beautiful natural landscapes. The Marshall Islands offer some incredible scenery and a real tropical island paradise experience with welcoming locals and fantastic food!

3. Tajikistan – 4,000

Getting into Tajikistan is not particularly easy but it is well worth the visa hassle and effort as it is stunningly beautiful. If you enjoy mountains, lakes and hiking this is an incredible country to visit; lying on the ancient Silk Road and with a rich diversity of cultural influences. The local culture is fairly welcoming most of the time and there are plenty of beautiful locations to explore. Definitely one for outdoor adventure traveller!

2. Kiribatu – 3,900

Visiting Kiribatu is incredibly rewarding but the biggest problem is that there’s so much of it to visit. Not in terms of scale but because there are literally hundreds of tiny islands making up Kiribatu. However, once you are there you can enjoy stunning beaches and island paradises; many of which are literally untouched by people. The islands are spectacular for their beaches, lagoons, jungles and some of the world’s most incredible sea life and scuba diving. This is a great destination and one for anyone wanting some true escapism and luxury.

1. Tuvalu

With only around 1000 visitors a year Tuvalu is actually the least visited country in the world and one of the most spectacular in terms of luxury and exclusivity. It comes first simply because it’s spectacularly beautiful with beaches that are amongst the best in the world. It offers tropical lagoons and is the lowest country in the world at just a few feet above sea level. It’s also very expensive to get to with only sporadic flights on offer from Fiji.

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