Taking a break in Reykjavik

The largest city in Iceland is also its capital and it is called Reykjavík. The city has a population of around 120,000 people and it is believed that the city was the site was first settled by the Vikings when they arrived in the ninth century.

The city is very modern and it has recently been rated as one of the greenest cities in the entire world. One of the reasons why the city is so green is because it takes advantage of geothermal power which is very popular in Iceland.

There are many volcanoes in the country and for this reason it is very easy to take advantage of geothermal energy. It is estimated that nearly 90 percent of the buildings in the country are heated through geothermal energy, with only a 10th of one percent of the country’s power being generated through fossil fuels.

It is also estimated that in the very near future the country is going to become 100 percent fossil fuel free. Interestingly, electricity is so cheap in Iceland, because of its power source, that even some of the pavements outside a heated during the winter.

The city is also well known for having excellent restaurants, numerous coffee shops and great shopping opportunities. Once you have done all these for a day, you will also be pleased to find out that the city has an excellent nightlife. The cafes that are open during the day turn into bars during the evening although the real nightlife scene doesn’t get going until midnight.

Generally, people will stay out all night and go home at about six in the morning. This is the time most of the bars close on the weekends, although they do tend to close a bit earlier on the weekdays, with the average bar closing at 1am.