Take the strain out of business travel by staying in a Marriott Courtyard hotel

Travelling for businesses is not often a pleasurable experience, and this is something that recent advertising for the Marriott Courtyard brand of hotels intends to highlight. Unlike when you travel from leisure, taking a flight is a chore, rather than an exciting experience, and you can often find that you have the unfortunate situation of things going wrong.

The latest Marriott advertising shows a man whose luggage has fallen apart when he is going up an escalator, and another of the short adverts shows someone on a plane who is stuck sitting next to a baby.

The idea behind the advertising is that it shows people that the hotel you are staying in is something that you can control. By staying in a Marriott Courtyard hotel, you don’t have to worry about things going wrong, and you will find that the hotels have all been set up to make things as easy as possible.

At these hotels you will find excellent facilities including good dining options so you can enjoy a good meal at the end of the day, something that might be particularly important after a long day conducting business.

You will also find excellent bars at these hotels where you can relax with a drink and unwind. These facilities can also be an excellent location to finish up the day with colleagues and talk in a more relaxed atmosphere. You will also find that the rooms in these hotels are well equipped for working and have plenty of space for you to get down to business.