Take a trip to Tamil Nadu when visiting India

If you are visiting India then one of the best states that you have to go to is Tamil Nadu. This is an area of India that is particularly popular with tourists and it has a wonderful blend of man-made attractions as well as those that are natural. If you are looking for an Indian state that is going to provide the perfect holiday destination, then this would have to be it.

All over the city there are numerous attractions that will entertain visitors for days. One of the best has to be The Tea Garden of Ooty. This is found up in the mountains and is what is known as a hill station. It can be a perfect destination if you are looking for somewhere to find reprieve from the heat of the state – as it is located at high altitude, the temperature here is much cooler.

While you are in the state, you should make sure that you visit the capital of it, Chennai. This is an incredible city that has a huge amount to do. One of the most interesting is going to have to be to visit Marina Beach, which is one of the longest beaches in the world stretching for many kilometres along the coast.

It is not always possible to swim at the beach, but you will be entertained by plenty of other attractions such as the numerous statues that line the beach. You will also find that in the evening there is a wonderful fare with numerous food stalls and entertainment options.

Finally, you should make the time to visit the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai. This is an incredible temple that really dominates the others in the region. There are 12 gateways here that have incredible sculpted images engraved into them.