Swiss holidays without alarm clocks

Mention the word Switzerland and certain images are immediately conjured up; snow, mountains, picturesque villages, apple strudel and clocks. In the latest advertising campaign video for Swiss tourism, the latter are very much the stars of the show, but not in the way you would ever have imagined. Rather than highlight the technology and passion that goes into making any kind of timepiece, they are being removed!

Under the banner of the fact that they will do everything for a relaxing holiday, we see two men going around a Swiss town removing every single clock they can find. From walls, mantelpieces, shops, churches and even ice rinks, these men go about their task methodically, under the watchful eye of a rather confused Cockerel. When they are happy they have collected them all, they erect a sign for ‘no Cockerels’ and drive off in their cart.

This isn’t your normal tourist video, but we have come to expect the unexpected and the somewhat quirky when it comes to Switzerland. They have a different take on life from the rest of us, and this small country that trundles along at its own pace is all the better for it. The idea is that you will have the thrills of a lifetime during the day, and sleep like a log through the night, and don’t bother looking at either a watch or a clock during your trip.

There is a link at the end of video that explains it a bit more. We find out that the clock stealers are Sebi and Paul, and there is a fun little contest where, if you can wake them, you can win 1 week of winter sleeps. There is a second accompanying video online entitled nocturnal attacks which shows them asleep and various attempts at waking them. Give it ago yourself every night from 6pm GMT, and see if you can wake Sebi and Paul.