STI showcases their great Israel holiday packages

STI Travel (a subsidiary of Central Holidays) proudly showcases its exciting travel packages in Israel. With unrivalled holiday enjoyment and discovery opportunities from historical and religious sites of significance and ruins of ancient cities to unique exhibits and museums combined with the spectacular beaches and the dedicated expertise of STI Travel, travellers can discover an Israeli holiday featuring luxurious travel programmes packed with flexibility and insightful itineraries at fantastic value.

Located at the point where three continents join – Africa, Asia and Europe – Israel has a kaleidoscopic diversity due to its historic cultures, empires and religions which draws travellers from all four corners of the world. Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Galilee and Tel Aviv are just a few of the awe inspiring cities alongside fascinating archaeological and historical sites, gastronomic delicacies and modern attractions waiting to be discovered by travellers.

Israel’s beautiful beaches touch both the Red Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea where opportunities for adventure are plentiful, including the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, which is widely known to provide health benefits.

Israel is the place of birth of Christianity, Islam and Judaism and has proudly taken its place as part of the Holy Land. A destination for spiritual pilgrimage, Israel has an abundance of historical and religious sites which include Synagogues, Temples and Churches. Museums in Israel display antiquities from the religious history.

With a lot to see and so much to do, STI Travel takes pride in their travel programmes. They are designed by specialists working closely with tourists and their families and friends and also religious figures and group leaders to provide holidays and pilgrimages in Israel and the Holy Land to fit their preferences perfectly. From start to finish, the expert professionals ensure that every magical aspect of the country is captivated.