Sri Lanka is becoming a hot spot for tourism

Sri Lanka is becoming a hot spot for tourism and after a 30 year civil war in the country tourists are now being welcomed back. Many people are excited about being able to head to the island as it has been off-limits for so long. The people in the country are known for being hospitable and friendly and they are ready to make your holiday a very memorable one.

The country has spectacular beaches, nature reserves and cities of historical and cultural importance. Despite being a very small country it is full of activities and places to see. The capital city is Colombo which is about an hours drive from the international airport. It is a hub of activity which is located right on the coast and there are some spectacular views of the ocean that you can enjoy.

If you want to enjoy a spectacular sunset in the evenings then you can head to Galle Face green which is located in the north of the city. There are many shopping opportunities in Columbo including Majestic City and the popular fashion retailer Odel. Culturally it is worthwhile visiting the Independence Square as well as the national zoological gardens. Transport around the city is very easy as there are plenty of buses and taxis waiting to take you anywhere.

Many people associate Sri Lanka with beaches, but there are plenty of other treasures in this country that are worth discovering. If you are looking for cooler climates on this tropical island then one of the few places you can go is Nuwara Eliya, which is located right in the centre of the country in what is known as the Hill country.

This was where the British used to come when the country was under their rule. It is very easy to see how the British influenced this part of Sri Lanka and the architecture is very reminiscent of the British colonial style. As well as the architecture, many of the activities that are still done in the area were popularised by the British, such as horseriding, boating and playing rounds of golf.

Nuwara Eliya is also very important in the production of tea and there are a huge number of tea plantations in this part of the country. There are lots of tea factories which visitors can go to see how tea is made, and you will be shown the entire process from the picking of the leaves all the way through to making the finished product. The number of teas you can buy in Sri Lanka is truly astounding.

There are many mythological attractions in the country one of the most interesting in Nuwara Eliya is the Sita Temple which is where, according to the mythological story,  the king of Sri Lanka brought a Queen of India and held her there. Even for those who are not spiritual this aspect of Sri Lanka is very interesting and the intense mythology of the various attractions in the country will fascinate any visitor.