Some Cool things to do in Barcelona

You are headed for the warm Barcelona after finding the perfect place with gowithoh? You will surely want to know what the best places are to grab a drink and have a good time at night. Here’s a few recommendations that are worth visiting.

El Bosc de les Fades: In the world of fairy tales

El Bosc de les Fades by Annelies
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This is a place enchanted by the unique atmosphere of fairy tales located on the famous Rambla de Barcelona and given its memorable originality is worth at least a peek. The pub is not overly large but the environment is recreated inside so it still managed to make it huge. Between fairies and enchanted trees you can enjoy your drinks in a soft light accompanied by audio background formed by the sound of crickets or by a singing owl, interrupted every hour by the reproduction of a thunderstorm with lightning and thunder included. The bar has several rooms including one dedicated to children. If you are visiting beautiful Barcelona, we recommend to spend some of your time to visit this place!

Bharma Lost bar

Bharma Bar Barcelona by
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The Bharma is a bar in which everything revolves around the series Lost. From the moment you arrive at the front door you immediately feel transported in the universe of the series. The sequence of numbers on the Dharma logo, the plane of Oceanic Flight 815, the door, the vision of the series directly from television screens and even themed bathroom. The Bharma serves lunch during the day and in the evening on Friday and Saturday turns into an exciting cocktail bar. Invariably, even the food and drinks are related to the series. There’s personalised beer, energy drinks in the series and dishes on the menu with the names of the characters. Not only that, the bar has become a meeting point for all kinds of geeks of Barcelona.

Ice Barcelona: ​Cocktail below zero

Ice Bar by
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In winter we complain that it’s too cold and in summer that it’s too hot. The ideal is an ice bar which is located a few steps from the beach! These premises are made entirely of ice, furniture, decorations, glasses. The only thing not to be frozen is the floor. Inside, the temperature is between 5 º and 10 º below zero so staying inside the room is limited to no more than 30 to 45 minutes wearing coats and gloves offered directly at the entrance. Given its originality within the increasingly hot Barcelona, ​​this restaurant is very popular with foreign tourists so the international environment also makes it attractive and fun. The ice sculptures inside cannot be permanent and are renewed periodically, always giving a little touch of novelty to the local.