Ski holidays in Dubai … honest

The largest indoor skiing centre has been built in Dubai, the area is as large as three football pitches and is built on what was once a dessert. The centre has a range of different ski runs designed for people of all skill levels. The highest runs start at a level that is around 25 floors up.

The centre is not just for serious skiers though as there are many activities next door in the snow park. This park hosts bob-sleigh runs, tobogganing runs and a skiing school. In fact the main slopes are reserved for those who have passed a basic test at the ski school.

In order to get into the skiing park you will have to pay $35, but this will include everything you need, such as equipment and clothing – this is quite useful as visitors probably won’t be bringing winter gear with them on a visit to Dubai. They even provide long coats for Arabic customers but skiing in their robes will not be allowed.

The area is kept at a temperature that is below zero and snow is being constantly produced at night to make sure there is enough for skiing. Many Dubai locals will welcome the cold area as it will provide a great relief during the summers, which can see temperatures soar to well over 40 degrees.

The ski park is located in the largest shopping centre in the world, The Mall of the Emirates. It has been designed by Majid Al Futtaim Properties the same people who are responsible for making the mall that it is housed inside.

The park spans over 22,000 square feet and was opened back in 2005. There are five slopes inside the centre including the only indoor black run in the world – this is an impressive four hundred meters long. For people more into snowboarding there is also a half pipe. Skiers will be able to reach the top of the slopes by a ski lift.

The snow park is attached to the main skiing area and has many activities that will appeal to children, such as an icy body slide, a snowball shooting area, several sled and toboggan runs, an ice cave, a mirror maze and a place for children to make snowmen. There is even a 3D cinema in the complex and a mirror maze. The whole installation is efficiently designed.