Singapore the Lion City that roars at Hong Kong

Given the fact that the city of Singapore is filled with artistic culture and architecture you can expect to have fun and a culturally enlightening holiday while in the grand country that is situated in the South East Asian region.  While the country may be small, the city is full of many different cultures that have blended together to create an experience that is unlike any other, which is why so many people book Singapore holidays every year.  With many attractions and even cruise holidays that will allow you to travel to other nearby countries and plan Hong Kong holidays as well, the country is a great base for exploring South East Asia.

The name for the city comes from the term Singa Pura which translates to mean lion city and is aptly titled as it is a young city that is quickly moving its way to the top of the pack in terms of tourist attractions and popular cruise destinations.  Part of the reason for this is because of the delightful happiness and harmony that the blend of cultures has helped to bring to bring to the local streets and attractions.  Among the most popular attractions are the many temples, churches, and mosques that are representative of the Western, Chinese, Indian, and Malay cultures.

Outside of the many religious sites there is plenty more to see while in the country including everything from wildlife parks to natural parks to shopping markets that never seem to end.  Some of the most notable stops include a visit to the Sentosa Island where you can find a lovely beach to tan on, and plenty of theme park activities including rides and sporting fields so that you can have some fun in the sun while enjoying the chance to stay in shape with a bit of recreational activity.

There are also plenty of unique shopping experiences spread out across Singapore that will delight even the most seasoned shopper.  From major department stores that offer designer wares to smaller boutiques where you can experience the fine textiles and silk creations that the country is known for there is sure to be something that will attract your eye.  The local markets are also great places to shop for unique gifts and cheap prices as you can haggle with the local merchants for great deals on handmade gifts and souvenirs that are all unique in their own way.