Sightseeing in historic Beijing

Beijing has been the capital of the People’s Republic of China for over 800 years. It has a significant and diverse history developed from the numerous civilizations which have been in the city, and it

has many important sights to offer the visitor as well as a great amount of scenic beauty.

Since hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, this city has become a very popular destination for tourists. Those who saw the Games on television were captivated by its impressive nature and many have said that the celebration really was an announcement of China’s becoming an international super power. This article is going to look at some of the most worthwhile things to visit on a trip to Beijing.

Tienanmen Square is vast and can hold up to one million people; it is also at the centre of urban Beijing. This is the famous place where the formation of the People’s Republic was announced by Mao Tse Tung.

Arguable the best preserved ancient complex in the world is the Forbidden City. From the Ming Dynasty until the Qing Dynasty this was the main palace in China. For nearly half a millennia, the palace was the home to the Emperor as well as being the home of the Chinese government. It is now a fascinating museum.

The Temple of Heaven was completed in 1420 and is well worth a visitor’s time. This was the location where Emperors would perform rituals in the hope of having a good harvest. In the temple, Heaven is represented by a circle and Earth by a square. You can see from the features in the temple that many of them represent links between Heaven and Earth. There are two walls that surround the temple, an inner and an outer, which also represent Earth and Heaven respectively.

The development of the city has brought many modern attractions which are as great as the historical ones. If you want to experience the daily life of a citizen in modern Beijing you should start by visiting one of the cities many parks in the morning. Here you will see many people enjoying jogging and tai-chi. When the afternoon comes around, take a tour of the Hutongs by auto rickshaw. Also take some time to explore the Hutongs by foot as they are a fascinating insight into the spirit of ‘old Beijing.’

The arts in Beijing are very popular, and the opera from the city is regarded as the best in China. It has developed over a very long time and dates back as far as the Ming Dynasty. There are four primary types of performers in Beijing Opera and there are many secondary types of performers. Beijing opera does not use complex sets but instead focuses on the dress of the performers which are always elaborate. Acrobatics in Beijing are also popular and definitely worth seeing while visiting the city, the acrobats in the city will astound visitors with their feats of balance strength and skill.