Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt and has an international feel to it with many different cultures living there. The area used to be just a desert with some Bedouins, but it has been turned into a popular exotic resort that has luxury hotels with casinos and golf courses, interesting shopping areas, and many ways of being entertained. A good exchange rate brings many European tourists there with their Euros that can go much further to enjoy the fierce competition that the resorts resort to in order to get the visitors’ business.

Sharm el Sheikh holidays are well known for diving with the world’s northernmost coral reef that appeals to professionals but also to amateurs who can enjoy the magnificent underwater sights by snorkelling. Diving centres teach beginners how to dive in the best coral diving area in Egypt

You can take a cruise on the Nile, enjoy a trip to Cairo, and take a submarine trip to visually explore the ocean without getting wet. There are Aqua Parks, trips through the Sinai Desert that can include a Bedouin dinner, and many wind and water sports. Plan a trip to St. Catherine’s, which is a monastery that is on the peak of Mount Sinai, supposedly the place where God spoke to Moses. It is quite a climb, but you can hire a camel if you need to.

The Coloured Canyon is the result of rivers leaving different coloured layers behind from thousands of years of gorging their way through the rock.

Check out the many restaurants, bars, and clubs. The Tavern Bar, a friendly English bar, has a Sunday Roast which is fantastic and also offers a place to watch live sporting events. The Bus Stop Night Club in the Sanafir Hotel looks like a London bus on the outside and is a late night rocking place. There are live bands at Seagull’s Pub in the Movenpick Hotel with its two bars and a piano/games area.

Shopping is a delightful experience. The Souk (market) at Hyatt features Arabic music and local shops selling jewellery, arts and crafts, and clothes. You must haggle at any of the shops and markets if you want a decent price because the merchants start out very high. The spice shops will make you tea and then quote a high price when you have experienced the aromatic smell and taste. Relative to holiday options in the usual Mediterranean destinations, cheap holidays to Sharm el Sheikh are an extremely attractive option.